Announcing the Winners for

« Jeune Pinceau »

International Young Artist Competition 2023

We are thrilled to announce the talented individuals who have been awarded prizes in ‘Jeune Pinceau International Young Artist Competition 2023’ from the Southeast Asia region.

Global Supporting Organization:

Co-organizers of France:

Co-organizer of Mainland China:

Co-organizers of Hong Kong:

Co-organizers of Macau:

Co-organizer of Luxembourg:

Co-organizer of Japan:

Co-organizer of Taiwan:

Co-organizer of Singapore:


Following the incredible success of last year’s event in France, Hong Kong, and Mainland China, this renowned competition continues to attract talented young artists from around the world.

Organized by the Académie Franco-Chinoise d’Art et de Culture (AFCAC) and the Chinese Western Cultural Art Association (CWCAA), and certified by esteemed French art schools ESA and EAC, this competition offers a global platform for young artists to shine.

With participants from eight countries, including France, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Macau, Luxembourg, Japan and Taiwan, the “Jeune Pinceau” competition promises an unforgettable and enriching experience for all involved. It not only celebrates exceptional talent but also promotes co-creation and exchange among young artists worldwide, fostering valuable connections and opportunities for their future in the arts.

Young artists will gain the chance to showcase their artwork, engage in friendly competition, receive feedback from renowned French judges, and even embark on an unique art world tour in France. They also get the opportunity to showcase their work in global art exhibitions, expanding their horizons, acquiring new perspectives and techniques, and forging meaningful relationships with fellow participants and industry professionals.


Esteemed Panel of Judges

Young Artists will have the chance to be judged by important stakeholders from the art world in France and Hong Kong

Recognition from French Art Institution

Young Artists will be assessed by the famous French Art Institutes, the École Supérieure d’Art du Nord-Pas de Calais/Dunkerque-Tourcoing, France, EAC (EAC) in Paris and will receive accredited certificates from the institutes

Young Artist Exchange Tour

Winners and semi-finalists will earn a place to participate in an artistic academic tour to France (self-paid), including masterclasses with professionals from art institutions and exchange with local young artists

France, Mainland China & Hong Kong Art Exhibition

Selected Artworks will be toured around in an Exhibition in France, Mainland China & Hong Kong

ESÄ École Supérieure d’Art du Nord-Pas de Calais/Dunkerque-Tourcoing
EAC Ecole supérieure technique en Art et Communication

The Spectacular 2022 Award Ceremony and 2023 Launch Event

Watch the thrilling highlights occurred at the Fringe Club in Hong Kong.


Art Tour 2024 in France

  • Post-competition events
  • The purpose of the exchange tour is to enhance the learning process for young artists by transforming it from 2D art experience into an immersive and dynamic journey. This aims to expand their international perspective, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures.
  • The tour strives to elevate the cultural proficiency of the new generation to new heights and infuse different countries with vibrant cultural and artistic energy.
  • Winners and semi-finalists will earn a place to participate in an artistic academic tour to France
  • Tour content: Visit the inspiration source and cradle of most French artists, attend  masterclasses from art professionals from famous art institution, visit famous French artists’ studios, learn and create with professional artists
  • Exchange tour will be filmed
  • This tour is self-paid



(online & drop off submission required)

  • SIZE:

    A4 (21 x 29.7cm) or A3 (29.7 x 42cm) only (framed works are not accepted)

  • FORM:

    Two-dimensional (collage, three-dimensional paintings, clay paintings are not accepted). Actual artwork has to be submitted by post or in-person.


    Only drawing paper or unframed canvas are accepted. For Chinese paintings, the Chinese art paper has to be glued on a thin cardboard (framed canvas and panel boards are not accepted) , size only in A4 (21 x 29.7cm) or A3 (29.7 x 42cm)


    Any art medium, such as coloring pencil, oil pastel, watercolor, poster color, acrylic paint, ink, etc.

(online submission only)

  • SIZE:

    not limited to but not less than 2000×2000 pixel, 300 dpi

  • FILE:



    A description of your concept with not more than 200 words ; one sketch (the brief/rough drawing of your preliminary ideas) and one halfway done drawing ; the software name(s) you use for creating the artwork

(online submission only)

  • SIZE:

    3840 x 3840 pixel, 300 dpi

  • FILE:



    A description of your concept with not more than 200 words ; A workflow picture showing the whole process of creating the artwork, including from text to image, in print, image to image, digital painting enhancement etc. ; the ai model name(s), prompts, and all related figures you use for creating the artwork ; the software name(s) you use (if any)

Panel of the French Judges

Panel of the Hong Kong Judges

Panel of the Singapore Judges


Solo Awards

Group Entry


Each participant can join up to three themes and submit a maximum of three artworks (one artwork per theme per registration).

Choose ONE (accept hand-drawn and digital artworks):


What it would be like to bring nature back to the technologically developed cities we live in?


Create a drawing/painting inspired by the work of a French artist or an artist from the participant’s country (France / Mainland China / Hong Kong / Macau / Luxembourg / Singapore / Indonesia / Malaysia / Japan)


“Slow and steady wins the race”. In light of Paris hosting the Olympic Games, apart from winning the game, what is/are the meaning of sports? (health, team spirit, surpassing oneself, solidarity, interest…?)

Important Dates

01 May 2023

The launch of the competition

15 June 2023

Early bird registration end

31 Aug 2023

Pre-registration ends

15 Oct 2023

Final registration ends

31 Oct 2023

Artwork submission deadline for online, mail-in and drop off

07 Dec 2023

Semi-final results annoucement

06 Feb 2024

Final results announcement

3-16 Feb 2024

Exhibition in France at Mairie de Paris Centre

11-12 Mar 2024

Exhibition in Singapore

July 2024

Exhibition in Hong Kong

Dates to be announced

Exhibition in China


The competition accepts individual entries or group entries (The same group must have at least 5 participants to apply)

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Division School Year Age Eligible for Hand Drawing Eligible for Digital Art
A Kindergarten 4-6 Yes No
B P.1 to P.3 7-9 Yes No
C P.4 to P.6 10-12 Yes No
D S.1 to S.3 13-14 Yes Yes
E S.4 to S.6 15-17 Yes Yes
F Tertiary Students 18-22 Yes Yes

Entry FEE


per theme per person


per theme per person
(For schools and organisations registering more than 5 applicants at once)



SGD 200

per artwork
If the contestants are shortlisted for the finals, they can apply to participate in the award winning works exhibition held in France, Mainland China, Hong Kong and qualified participating countries.



SGD 10

per artwork in Singapore

SGD 30

per artwork in Indonesia & Malaysia


Solo Entry

For individual applicants joining without a school or organization

Group Entry
students & parents

For applicants whose school or organization has already registered, complete your registration here!

Group Entry

For schools and organisations registering more than 5 applicants at once.

For enquiry please email or whatsapp +65 9198 2306

Media Coverage

Terms & Conditions

  1. Applicants who provide any incomplete, illegible or contain false or inaccurate information may be disqualified. Please ensure all the information provided is accurate and complete before submission.
  2. The applicants warrant that the information provided is accurate and true, and agree to accept that the organizers of the event will require them to provide relevant documents to verify accuracy and authenticity of the information if required.
  3. Entries must not contain illegal, obscene, inflammatory, provocative, defamatory, pornographic, vulgar, obscene, violent, racially discriminatory, offensive or inappropriate and commercial elements.
  4. Artworks must be original. If any entry is found to have piracy issue, the relevant applicant will be disqualified.
  5. Entries must not have been publicly displayed or exhibited, must not be subject to any copyright restrictions, and must not have won awards or are currently participating in other competition selections.
  6. The competition jury has the final judgement authority, and no contestants may object.
  7. Entry fees paid are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  8. The personal information provided by the applicants will be used for contact only, and will not be disclosed to any other parties. Applicants are reminded that they should proofread and check the information before submission. If applicants wish to change or modify any submitted information or file, please contact us through email and type your English full name, contact number on the application form submitted as well as the artwork code (if applicable) on the ‘Subject’ section.
  9. Trophies and certificates can be collected in person or by mail (self-paid) from Singapore.
  10. Artworks that do not need to be returned will only be kept for 3 months from the date of announcement of the winners list. Overdue artworks will be processed or discarded without prior notice.
  11. After the awards ceremony, all unclaimed certificates and trophies will only be kept for three months. If the prizes, including trophies, of the winners are overdue, they will be disposed or discarded without prior notice.
  12. The organizers will endeavour to preserve and handle all artworks. However, the organizers and its partners will not be responsible or compensate for any damage or loss of the works due to accidents.
  13. Use of digitised works : Participants authorize the organizers and all partners to use the electronic pictures of their submitted works and the digital images and pictures (including NFT and other forms of images and pictures that they submitted and scanned in the event indefinitely and unlimitedly, hereinafter referred to as the “Image”). The scope of use includes the website and social network platforms of the organizers and its partners, and allows the organizers and its partners to authorize these images to third parties (especially media such as newspapers and magazines) for the reporting and promotion of the event . In general, by participating in this event, participants acknowledge that they have been informed and declare to be fully aware of the following facts: In order to better promote this event and the activities of the organizers of this event and its partners within the legal period of author rights protection as well as extensions that may be granted by law or international conventions, the organizers and its partners may use, reproduce, display and/or disseminate to the public the drawing images and pictures submitted by the applicants in any form and by any means, especially those seeking sponsorship partners of the event and/or sponsors.
  14. Use of Original Works by the winners: The winners authorize the organizers to reproduce, print and display the original work (whether awarded or not) in any private or public exhibition. In order to publicize and promote this event and the exhibition displays involved in the event, the winner also authorizes the organizers and its partners to print, reproduce or digitally scan their original work in any form and communicate it to the public.
  15. The organizers undertake to mention the author’s name when promoting and presenting the work or parts of it.
  16. During the activities of 2023 « Jeune Pinceau » International Young Artist Competition, photo taking and/or video shooting may be carried out for promotion and future review purposes. Applicants can show their consent in the application form whether they agree or disagree to authorize the portrait rights at the event site, the entire process of the event, and all rights related to copyrights in the event process to 2023 « Jeune Pinceau » International Young Artist Competition.
  17. If the artwork is shortlisted or awarded, the applicant can apply to participate in the touring exhibitions held in Mainland China, France and Hong Kong. The participation fee is SGD$200 per artwork, and the fee has to be paid after the final results are announced. Applicants may choose not to participate in the exhibitions.
  18. There is no inspection system nor appeal mechanism for the 2023 « Jeune Pinceau » International Young Artist Competition, and the final decision on the results of the competition will be made by either the organisers or the competition jury.
  19. The exhibited works will have the opportunity to be sold during the charity sale in the award-winning exhibitions held in Mainland China, France and Hong Kong. All proceeds of the will be donated to non-profit organizations – the Académie Franco-Chinoise d’Art et de Culture (Franco-Chinese Academy of Art and Culture, AFCAC) and Chinese Western Cultural Arts Association (CWCAA) or more.
  20. In view of the non-commercial nature of the use described in the “License of Use” of this rule, the license involved is granted by the applicant free of charge.
  21. The applicants are required to promise not to use their entries (including the images of the works) outside the scope of the competition, especially not to join other competition(s) or sign other transfer or license agreements other than this contract or contract, whether use of the work involved (including electronic images of the work) is free or chargeable before the end of the competition, unless the organizers’ written permission is obtained.
  22. Applicants are free to use images of their work one year after the end date of that year’s competition.
  23. Applicants who wish to retrieve their artworks are subject to a SGD 10 fee for self-pickup in Singapore or a SGD 30 mailing fee for Malaysia and Indonesia, and while all mailed artworks will be securely packaged via registered mail, we will not be responsible for any damage incurred during delivery.
  24. Changes to the Rules: Any technical, legal or financial restriction or restriction, even if it does not constitute a force majeure in law, as it may prevent the smooth running of the competition, the organizers reserves the right to modify the current rules and conditions of the event, and in the most serious abbreviation, delay or cancellation of competitions and events. In this case, the organizers undertake to notify the applicants of the event by appropriate means (e.g. e-mail, telephone or by post).
  25. The dates and locations of the various events stipulated in these Rules and Regulations are determined on an ad hoc basis and are subject to change due to external constraints or changes in schedule, especially the texts, laws or regulations of any nature that restrict or affect the implementation of the event, especially in the context of today’s health crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The dates of the event (especially the announcement of results, exhibition schedule, etc.) may be changed during the event, and the organizers will notify the applicants by appropriate means.
  26. Final Terms: By submitting their own artworks through this campaign, applicants declare that they have read and understood the above rules and regulations, and accept them unconditionally.
  27. This competition and these Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of Singapore.
  28. In case of any dispute, the organizers reserve the right of final decision.